Music Collection

You name it, I have it!  ...or if I don't, I'll get it.

If you've heard it at a party, chances are pretty good I have it.  As of January 10, 2010 there are 27,092 tunes in my library.  I follow the Billboard charts and make regular purchases of new music to add to the library, so it is always growing.

I bring the entire library on a hard drive and select tunes on approximately 250 CDs, so if the computer or the CD player malfunctions, the party will go on.

Unlike many mobile DJ services I don't allow you to pick your entire playlist.  Why?  The simple answer is that it rarely works.  The least successful events tend to have their music playlists chosen ahead of time.  It is my job as an experienced DJ to choose music based on what your crowd responds to.  With that in mind:

  • You may choose some songs that you definitely do or do not want played.
  • You, of course, choose your "special songs" like those at weddings such as the couple's first dance, father-daughter dance, etc.
  • We will discuss the types of music that you think your crowd will respond to in our correspondence leading up to your event.
  • I purchase "edited" versions of songs whenever possible.